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Top 10 Baby Must Haves

Hi mamas! I officially have a 4 month old! HOW! It is going by so fast and and I’m torn between wanting time to slow down but also being excited to see Lucy grow. It’s so hard to explain!

I thought I would share what our most used baby products are. It’s true what they say, every baby is so different, but if you are pregnant make sure to take note because these items have been so helpful for us!


Owlet Monitor & Sock: My #1 must have. It has given us such piece of mind having the Owlet sock track her heart rate and oxygen levels while she sleeps! A splurge, but worth it!

Nail File: I didn’t get regular nail clippers, instead I ordered this nail file from Amazon. It’s been so easy to trim her nails without worrying about clipping her skin.

Hatch Sound Machine: We use the Hatch whenever Lucy is sleeping. You can control the sound/color on your phone which is super convenient!

Bibs Pacis: Lucy will only take these pacis, and that makes me happy because they’re so cute!

Gripe Water: We use Gripe water whenever Lucy gets the hiccups and it will take the hiccups away immediately.

Snuggle Me: Lucy lounged in her snuggle me up until around 10 weeks! She LOVED that thing. She felt super cozy in there and would sleep great!

Love Nest Pillow: I am so glad I ordered this when I was pregnant. It helps prevent flat heads in babies, so I try and use it when we change her diaper and when she is laying on a hard surface.

Burp Cloths: We have loved these muslin burp rags. Some babies spit up a lot but some don’t. Lucy is one of the babies that spits up a lot, so we always have one with us!

Baby Shusher: Everyone needs the baby shusher. It helped sooo much when she was a newborn, especially when we were out and about. It really calmed her down.

Velcro Swaddles: Don’t even bother getting regular swaddle blankets. The Velcro makes life so much easier!

I hope this helps all of you soon to be mamas who are filling out your baby registry!

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