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My First Order of Maternity Clothes

My bump is finally starting to pop and I absolutely LOVE it! I am 15 weeks and 2 days today and baby girl is the size of an orange this week. Because my bump has showed up, it is getting progressively harder for me to wear my normal clothes. My jeans are tight and it is definitely uncomfortable, so I knew that it was time to order some maternity clothes!

My first order was from Pink Blush Maternity and my second was from Motherhood Maternity. I just shared a try on session to my Instagram HERE and it will be saved to my highlight reel so you can refer back if you just found out that you're pregnant.

Below is a collage of everything I have ordered so far. I know I will need to order more things as my bump grows, but for now, this works great for me! I hope this helps all of you mamas to be!


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