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I'm Pregnant!!! First Trimester Recap

SURPRISE! I am pregnant! I can't believe I can finally share this amazing news with you all! These past 12 weeks have seemed to go by so slow, because we were keeping this huge secret, but at the same time, they have FLOWN by! I don't know how I am already out of my first trimester. I feel like I was just standing in my bathroom looking at a very very faint pregnancy test and crying my eyes out. 9/21 to be exact. That is the day I found out I was pregnant. I don't think I will ever forget that moment and that feeling of knowing that I am going to be a mom. It was very indescribable and life changing to say the least.

Before I jump in, I do want to acknowledge the women who are currently trying to get pregnant and/or who are struggling. I am thinking of you and constantly praying for you. My heart is with you during this trying time, and I hope you feel comfort in Jesus and know that you're not alone!

I asked you guys on my Instagram stories yesterday to leave me some questions you had regarding baby or my pregnancy, and I thought I would answer them right here:

How far along am I:

Today, I am 13 weeks and 1 day! Baby is the size of a lemon

When is your due date:

June 6th, 2021

Do you know the gender:

YES! We are having a baby.... GIRL! We would have of course been so happy with either gender, but we 100% thought we were having a boy. When we found out that it was a girl, we were SO shocked!!

I did the early gender sneak peek blood test. They can detect the gender as early as 8 weeks. I went into a clinic to have my blood drawn because I wanted to make sure we wouldn't have a false result, as I've heard that can happen with the at home blood test, because its easier for cross contamination.

How have I been feeling:

To be completely honest, I felt pretty normal besides some fatigue up until 11 weeks. In those first 11 weeks, I had maybe 3 days where I felt nauseous. I do not take that for granted, because I know that the first 8 weeks of pregnancy can be brutal for most women. The day I hit 11 weeks though, I was very nauseous and had a bad headache. That has continued everyday for the past 2 weeks. It has not been unbearable and some days are worse than others. If I eat some breakfast pretty quickly after waking up, I feel better.

I would say the main symptoms I experienced during my first trimester were fatigue, headaches, and food aversions. Wow, have I been tired. Ask my husband, I am not a napper. I hate naps, but I have taken more naps in these 12 weeks than I have in years.. lol! All in all though, I really can't complain and I feel super super grateful for the first trimester that I have had.

Were we trying:

Yes, we were!

Do we have a name?

Yes. we do! I'm sure I will announce at some point before we have her.

Thank you all so much for the love and support on our new journey. We are so excited to bring our little angel into this world!

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