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First Trimester Must Haves

Hey mamas! I wanted to share a little post with my must have items for your first trimester! I hope this is helpful for you all:

Preggie Pops: Although I wasn't super nauseous during my first trimester, I had a few days where I felt nausea and these preggie pops were seriously a LIFE SAVER! They are really easy to eat on the go, and to keep in your purse.

Tylenol: When I hit 11 weeks, I started getting my pregnancy headaches. You can’t take Ibuprofen while pregnant, so during those first few weeks, Tylenol helped me!

Barefoot Dreams Cardigan: I live in this super soft and cozy cardigan!

Waterbottle: You need to drink SO much water while pregnant, and although I usually drink a good amount of water, I wanted to be able to track it. I don’t have this exact water bottle, but it’s VERY similar. I try and drink 3 Liters of water a day.

Prenatals: I don’t take these exact prenatals, but these specific ones have DHA in them, which is very important for your growing baby!

Pregnancy Journal: I love writing in my pregnancy journal each week so I can look back one day on all of my symptoms and feelings while growing my sweet baby!

I hope this helps all of you pregnant mamas!

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