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Desk Organization with Erin Condren

Happy Saturday, girls! I am excited to share some new desk organizational pieces from Erin Condren with y’all. Erin Condren is the company I have used for YEARS for my life planner. I get a new one every year and I love it so much because it’s so functional and so aesthetically pleasing! In this picture below, you can see the floral cover I got for 2021, as well as the acrylic stand it’s on. This acrylic stand is only $10.

I grabbed this fun three piece tray to hold some paper clips and these gold scissors. I love the different shades of pink for my office!

In this picture above, you can see the acrylic tape dispenser and the hexagon pencil holder, which are both from Erin Condren! I love the way my office is turning out and how organized my desk looks now!

Make sure to check out their new desk accessories for your office!