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Baby Girls Name Reveal

It’s official! I am so excited to finally announce baby girls name! Our sweet baby will be named, Lucy Laurel Deaver. Here is a little back story into how we chose her name and why:

Adam and I have always talked about baby names. Well, more so me... lol! We would be driving and I would randomly ask him, "Hey babe, what about this name?". I think I have had a list of baby names on my phone since I was like 16. If I would hear a name I thought was cute, I would just add it to my phone. Lucy is a name that Adam & I have loved even before we knew we were pregnant. We had maybe one or two others that we liked as well, but whenever we would talk about our future kids, for some reason we both always went back to Lucy. So, once we opened up that pink ornament at our gender reveal, it just felt right!

Laurel is really special to me because that is my middle name, along with my mom and my grandmas. All 4 of us will share that middle name, and I can’t wait to pass it down to my daughter! I’m sure my great grandma would love knowing that the random middle name she picked is now a family tradition that keeps getting passed down!

I tend to gravitate more towards classic yet not super common names. I didn‘t want a name that everyone is using, but I also didn’t want a super unusual name. We absolutely love her name and have been calling my belly ‘Lucy Laurel’ ever since we found out it was a girl! My husband is so cute and hardly ever calls her just Lucy. It’s always Lucy Laurel.

We can’t wait to meet you, sweet girl!!!

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