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7 Month Old Schedule

Are you trying to figure out a schedule for your 7 month old? I remember switching from 3 naps to 2 naps and searching Google and Pinterest like a mad-women for sample schedules for my daughter. We took the Taking Cara Babies sleep course while we were pregnant and it was the absolute BEST thing we ever did. I have told all of my pregnant friends that it is a must have. She gives you example schedules as well but after looking at those and the ones I found on Google, I created a schedule for Lucy that has been working really really well for us!


Cara from Taking Cara Babies really emphasizes on the importance of wake windows and it really is crucial to getting good stretches of sleep. I've noticed that if I put Lucy down for a nap earlier than her wake window time, she won't take a full nap and/or her night time sleep will be affected. Of course there are circumstances where your baby is sick or you're out and about for the day, so of course you adjust the schedule to that. If Lucy wakes up early from a nap, I will either try to stretch her wake window to try and keep her nap schedule the same or I will put her down for her second nap a little earlier. I hope that makes sense, but basically when she turned 6 months old, I try to keep her wake windows between 2.5-4 hours.


This is a topic that will vary from baby to baby. I put on our schedule 'feed bottle' but of course you could substitute that for breastfeeding/nursing. I also realize that some families do BLW (Baby Led Weaning) and others do purees. We personally started with purees at 5 months old, so now at almost 8 months old, Lucy is doing 2 meals a day. I choose to do lunch and dinner. A few foods she loves are sweet potatoes, bananas, eggs, peas, and kiwi just to name a few.


After Lucy wakes up and is fed, we have at least 2 hours before her next nap. Some activities we do is play in her nursery, go for a walk, and occasionally watch cartoons. If I am cooking or doing something in the kitchen, I will put her in her highchair or her walker so she can be with me while I'm getting stuff done. She is a mamas girl though, so a lot of the time it is hard to get stuff done. I will sometimes grab my solly baby wrap or my wildbird baby carrier to wear her so she feels close to me. That's a double win because she's next to me while I get stuff accomplished at the same time. I would highly recommend either of those baby carriers!


I think consistency and sticking with a schedule has been really beneficial for our family. Lucy knows her schedule and starts to get sleepy a little before her nap time. I realize that very situation is so different and some babies are in daycare which I understand would be harder to navigate a schedule. I hope this gives you a good baseline schedule for your 7 month old and that you can adjust it accordingly to your baby.

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