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2nd Trimester Recap & Must Haves

Hey mamas! Can you believe I am already heading into my 3rd trimester?! I feel so blessed for the pregnancy that I have had so far, and I truly LOVE being pregnant! Yes, it has it's moments like body changes, back pain and breaking out... but I just try and remind myself that I am growing a human being and it’s a lot of work! Lol! Baby girl is the size of an eggplant this week and weighs around 2.20 lbs! She is able to open her eyes, even though her vision is blurry.

I thought I would share a little recap of my second trimester as well as share some of my must haves from these past 12 weeks.

My second trimester seemed to fly by and has brought its own set of challenges. Around week 20, I started to get some back pain/sciatic nerve pain. It seems to only get painful if I'm at work and am on my feet all day. Once I get home, I will do some yoga stretches and that really helps, along with laying down with a heating pad. I have also been breaking out like CRAZY on my chin. I don't typically breakout unless it's that time of the month, so I definitely attribute my breakouts to hormone changes. These face masks probably aren't helping either, LOL!

Sleeping has been getting harder and harder. I cannot seem to get comfortable, so I have been using the pregnancy pillow a little bit more. To be honest, it wasn't my favorite thing in the beginning of my pregnancy. I just felt like it was taking up so much space in our bed and I didn't really need the belly support yet, but as I am now in my third trimester, I am starting to grab it more and more.

Now onto sharing my second trimester must haves:

TUMS: this one is pretty self explanatory, but I have been getting some heartburn and acid reflux, so the TUMS really help!

BUMPOLOGY BUMP BUTTER: I have been alternating this with the oils every night. I apply it all over my bump to hopefully prevent stretch marks! Use my code ‘DEAVER’ to get 15% off!

BURTS BEES MAMAS OIL: I loveeee the smell of this stuff! Like I mentioned, I alternate this with the other two.

PREGNANCY PILLOW: I think it’s a good idea for every pregnant lady to have a pregnancy pillow on hand, just incase you can’t sleep and can’t get comfortable!

BIO OIL: A very popular oil that I love! I lather it on everywhere!!

BLANQI TANK: I wear this tank a lot. Its super supportive for the bump and is a great layering tank.

HEATING PAD: Another item that I think every pregnant lady should have on hand, especially if you’re dealing with back pain and/or sciatic nerve pain.

I cant wait to head into my third trimester and get closer and closer to meeting my daughter! 12 more weeks.... ahh!!

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