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2022 Fashion Trends

Happy 2022! I am so excited to see what this year has in store for all of us, and I thought it would be fun to share some new 2022 fashion trends. Trends are definitely subjective, but that's the fun of it! Just because something is 'trendy' doesn't mean you have to wear it, new trends just pave the way for fashion.

The first trend that I've noticed over the past few months and that I think will continue to get popular is sweater vests. At first, I wasn't too sure how I felt about them, but they have totally grown on me! They are so classic and traditional but can be completely edged up and look so trendy! Pair it with boyfriend jeans, a mini skirt, or even sweatpants! There are so many trendy ways to style sweater vests. Next is chunky sneakers. I have to admit, I don't personally gravitate towards chunky sneakers but I think if they are styled the right way, they can look super cute! They have been trendy for a while now, but I think these are still going to be very chic this year.




The next trend I've noticed is that UGG's are making their way back. Did I really just say that?! I have always loved UGG's, but truthfully, I don't think they've been the most 'trendy' for the past few years. You wore UGG's to be warm and comfy, not necessarily to be cute and trendy. But now, UGG ultra minis are being worn by big influencers and I LOVE it! I just recently ordered some and I can't wait to rock UGG's again! Another major trend is wide leg jeans. Have you heard that skinny jeans are out? The first time I heard this was on TikTok. Gen Z's are saying that skinny jeans are a millennial trend. I was pretty devastated when I heard this because I have been a skinny jean lover for probably a decade! Don't panic though, I still think skinny jeans will be around only because they are such a classic and you can wear them with so much. Regardless, I do love the wide leg/mom jeans! They are so comfy and cute at the same time. If you are a fan of mom jeans as well, you can see all of my outfits here on my LTK. I am also sharing some affordable options below.




I have noticed in the new year that yoga pants ie. flared leggings are back. Is anyone else being brought back to 2010 and you're shopping at Victoria Secret PINK...? The folded over neon yoga pants that had PINK in rhinestones? Yeah... you were 'cool' if you had yoga pants, LOL! Lululemon has really cute and sporty ones though, and they would be really cute for working out, running errands, and lounging around at home.


I love to see what old trends eventually make their way back in style. It's also interesting to look back and realize that some things go out of style and you don't even really realize it's happening, such as yoga pants. I used to wear PINK yoga pants all of the time but then all of a sudden I didn't... and now Victoria Secret doesn't even sell them anymore. It's funny how quickly trends change! I hope this helped you all get inspired and excited for the upcoming 2022 fashion trends!

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