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Hi girls! I am so excited to talk to you all about the miraDry treatment that I had done a few weeks ago at Vitahl Med Spa in Denver. miraDry is the only FDA - cleared treatment that permanently reduces underarm sweat in as little as one appointment. miraDry may also reduce odor and hair growth in the treated area as well. Please see the pictures below as I walk you through the treatment process:

The first step is to sanitize and do a sweat test. This shows them where you tend to sweat the most.

Next step is to numb you so that you are comfortable during the treatment. This was the only part of the treatment that I felt any sort of discomfort and it was only really for the first few minutes, then I couldn’t feel anything.

They then begin the miraDry treatment! This is the part where they apply thermal energy to target and eliminate the sweat and odor glands In the underarm. Such an easy procedure and I felt nothing, besides a little bit of suctioning.

Now onto the next arm. That’s it! So simple and only took about an hour!

Keep in mind that I was never an excessive sweater, but along with every single person in the entire world, I was worried about sweat and underarm odor daily. Every single day I was stressing about if I smelled okay and putting on deodorant. I decided to try and switch to an all natural deodorant because I didn’t want the harsh chemicals on my underarms all the time. To be honest, the all natural deodorants don’t do anything. When I heard about miraDry I was so excited. It was such an easy procedure and I had basically no down time. I am so happy to say that I no longer sweat in my underarms and haven’t needed to wear deodorant since and it’s all thanks to miraDry. Head to THIS link to get a free miraDry consultation today!

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