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My 5 Favorite Rom - Coms

Gimme alllll the rom coms! One of my favorite things is to make some popcorn, get in comfy clothes, and watch a romantic movie.. <3 I thought it would be fun to share my 5 favorite chick flicks. To be honest, it was so hard to narrow this down because I have so many favorites, but maybe I'll do another one of these eventually!

SWEET HOME ALABAMA: This movie always reminds me of my aunt because she loves this movie too. Although I am not from the south, I just love the southern charm in this movie. I don't think the tag line will ever get old... 'So I can kiss you anytime I want'

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS: I just watched this movie a few days ago and its a classic for me. Ashton Kutcher and Cameron Diaz are two of my favorite actors and they are so adorable in this movie. It is such a carefree watch and just makes you feel happy!

A LOT LIKE LOVE: This was a new one for me. The first time I watched this one was about 5 years ago and I fell in LOVE with it. So unique and romantic. Emily and Oliver's friendship is inspiring.. <3

THE PROPOSAL: Another classic. Ryan Reynolds is such a cutie in this movie. The ending has to be my favorite part. Whenever I watch it, I will rewind the ending scene a bunch of times because its so romantic!

A CINDERELLA STORY: My favorite movie of all time. It has been my favorite since I was a little girl and its also one of my moms favorites. Chad Michael Murry also reminds me of One Tree Hill, and if you know me, that's my favorite series!