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Quarantine Week of Sales Recap / Life Update

Long time no talk! I have been meaning to get my butt on here, but life... ya know?! And by life, I mean the corona virus. This is truly such a crazy time we are living in and I've just been trying to catch my breath.

Like most, I am quarantined at home due to Colorado's stay at home order. If you didn't already know, I'm a hairstylist part time and unfortunately, all salons were required to close until April 30th. That was a big shock! I don't know how much more cleaning and laundry I can do... lol!

To lighten up the mood around here, I wanted to share some fun sales that are happening right now! I know most people aren't shopping.. and I totally understand!! But, if you are, I thought it would be fun to share some spring items from Nordstrom, Old Navy, and Free People that are all on sale!! HAPPY SHOPPING!