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Gift Guide for Me 2019


Hi! I am back to share MY Christmas list with ya'll!! I hope this gives you guys some inspiration and helps you find gifts for someone you think is similar to me.

First up, I am asking for the volcano - blue capri candle from Anthropologie, It is such a great candle but a little pricey, so it's the perfect thing to ask for as a gift. The other thing I really want is a bar cart. I would love a spot to put my bottles of wine, wine glasses, decor etc. How fun does it sound to decorate a bar cart for certain holidays/parties?!

A few smaller things i'm asking for is a portable charger. As a blogger, I work from my phone all day long so I would love to have a way to keep my phone charged even if I'm not near an outlet. It sounds boring, but I really need new cutting boards.... #adulting LOL. I chose these white ones from Amazon because their prettier than a bright orange one if you ask me! Last up is the book by Rachel Hollis called Girl, stop apologizing. I've heard so many great things about this book and I really enjoying reading.

I hope this gives you guys some ideas for Christmas gifts! HAPPY SHOPPING!!

Always, Ally

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