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Gift Guide for Him 2019


Gift guide for HIM. The most requested gift guide from ya'll and I totally know why. MEN ARE THE HARDEST TO SHOP FOR. It's not just you, it's all of us just trying to figure out what to get these guys.. lol!


I know men don't find clothing a super exciting Christmas gift, well at least my hubby doesn't lol, but I wanted to share just a few items that Adam loves. First is the North Face jacket. He wore this almost everyday in fall and winter for YEARS! It is such amazing quality and it's a simple black jacket that they can wear with everything. Next is the Amazon robe. It is only $23 and looks so cozy!


First up are slippers. Boring I know, but trust me, your husband will love them and wear them everywhere. My hubby even wears his outside.. so he definitely needs a new pair this year! Speaking of things men need, a good toothbrush. Adam and I have been using these Goby electric toothbrushes for a while now and we love it. It might not be the most exciting gift they ever receive, but it's important. Last up is a body pillow. Okay, don't laugh but my husband loves his body pillow and uses it every night! My mom got him a body pillow last year and it was his favorite gift!


Now onto more techy items.. the Google Nest! This will be such a popular gift item for men this year! I also wanted to throw in Air Pods to this gift guide, as my hubby wears his Air Pods daily.


Cologne. An easy gift that your husband/dad/brother will be happy with. Adams favorite is Aqua Di Gio, which is also my favorite for him too! Smells AMAZING! Last up is this beard maintenance kit. If the man in your life has a beard, I am sure this will be so fun for him to try out!!

I hope you guys enjoyed this gift guide! HAPPY SHOPPING!

Always, Ally

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