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Fall Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas | Red Dress Boutique

 Are you attending a fall wedding this year?  I am!  I absolutely love weddings and celebrating couples on the most special day of their lives so I thought it would be fun to create a little fall wedding guest dress guide for ya'll.  I chose Red Dress Boutique for this guide, because they have the best selection of dresses.  If you need a wedding guest dress, graduation dress, vacation dress etc, they've got you covered!


A few tips I have for wedding guest attire, no matter what season it is:

1. NEVER WEAR WHITE.  This should be a given, but you'd be surprised how many times I've heard about people showing up to a wedding in white.  White is off the table, and in my opinion, so is beige/cream/ivory.  Don't even risk it.

2. Black shouldn't be your first color choice.  Black isn't a complete no, but if you have the option to pick a different color, I would.

3. Bring a clutch or cross body purse.  Its so much easier than lugging your huge everyday tote.  Grab your ID, some cash (in case there is a cash bar), some lipstick/lip gloss, ibuprofen, and your keys.

Always, Ally

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