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PROSE Boutique Nail Salon Review

Hi girls! I’m back with an exciting blog post and it’s all about PROSE Nail Salon! My mom and I were invited to visit and try out their new location which is located in Denver, CO in the Happy Canyon Shopping Center. They offered a lot of parking right out front of the salon which is very convenient for clients.

The inside of PROSE was so clean and had a minimalist decor style. The first thing we noticed while waking in, was how inviting it was. The staff greeted us right away and made us feel very comfortable by offering us water and having us pick out our colors. They had a great selection of nail colors while I absolutely loved. I chose a taupe color and my mom chose a gorgeous coral color. We chose gel for our fingers and regular polish for our toes. The nice part was, they offered the same exact color for gel and regular polish so we didn't have to try and match them and end up having them not be exact. They were identical and ended up being very shiny and smooth.

PROSE focuses on healthy hand and foot care. All of their products and non - toxic and all polishes are 7 - free (free of the 7 harmful toxins present in most nail polish brands). They don't use drills which is HUGE for me. My nails always feel so frail and thin when a nail salon uses drills, so I loved this perk. They also offer every client complimentary ring cleaning, refreshments such as water and tea, phone chargers and hooks for your purse.

Below you can see some pictures I took outside and inside of PROSE:


Overall, my mom and I loved PROSE and will definitely be returning. Click HERE to find the nearest location to you.

Always, Ally