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Spring Break Outfit Guide 2019

The countdown is officially on until spring break! I am so jealous of all you spring breakers ;) One of the worst parts about 'adulting' is that you don't have 'breaks' throughout the year. So although I envy all of you, I am so ready for spring and warm weather, so I have created an entire spring break fashion guide for you! This is a one stop shop for all of your fashion needs for your vacay! If you need some new shoes, swim suits or even a few dresses, you can find it all down below! Happy shopping and I hope you all have an amazing spring break!!!



1. Red Calico Romper | 2. Long Maxi | 3. Floral Long Sleeve Romper | 4. Polka Dot Dress | 5. Striped Romper | 6. Blue Floral Dress | 7. Pin Stripped Jumpsuit


1. Rainbow Striped Bikini | 2. Tassel High Waisted Bikini | 3. High Waisted Bandaue Swim Suit | 4. Ruffle Hem Swim Suit | 5. Baby Blue Bikini | 6. Black High Waisted Mesh Swim Suit


1. Floral Swim Suit | 2. Maroon One Piece | 3. Floral Lavender Swim Suit with V Neck | 4. Striped Nautical Swim Suit | 5. Flamingo One Piece | 6. Black Mesh One Piece


1. Polka Dot Tank | 2. Embroidered Short Sleeve | 3. Striped Cropped T Shirt | 4. Off The Shoulder Striped Top | 5. Cropped Gingham Tank | 6. Chips & Salsa Diet Sweatshirt


1. Grey Espadrille Sandals | 2. Straw Bag | 3. Red Statement Earrings | 4. Lavender Earrings | 5. Espadrille Wedges | 6. Hair Scarf | 7. Leopard Sneakers

If you find any items you like from Shein, don't forget to use my code 'ALIYY15' to get 15% off your purchase!

Always, Ally

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