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Updated Hair Care Routine 2019 | How To Get Healthy Hair


It's beauty week babes!!! You all requested an updated hair care routine so I am here to deliver! If you don't already know, I am a licensed cosmetologist and my biggest tip for having healthy hair is using professional products. Before I started cosmetology school, I thought all hairstylist just wanted the commission off the product and that is was over priced when I could get the same thing at Target. Boy was I wrong. During school, I decided to switch from Herbal Esscesses to Pureology, which is a professional product. It was the best decision I could have ever made for my hair. Since then, my hair care routine has changed a bit!

My Hair Care Routine:

1. I wash my hair every 3-4 days. As far as shampoo and conditioner, I use Matrix Moisture. It's a budget friendly professional product that keeps my hair so soft and hydrated which is so important for blondes and for anyone who lives in a dry climate like here in Denver. I also use pravanas purple shampoo once every 2 weeks. I let that sit for 5 min in the shower while it freshens up my blonde and gets rid of any yellow tones. ( I wouldn't recommend using purple shampoo more than once a week, as it can be drying)

2. After I wash my hair, I brush it with a wide tooth comb and let it air dry about half way while I do my makeup. I then put in my styling products which include my lanza healing oil, and my kendra hot spray. Remember to only put the oil on your ends, as the oil can make your roots greasy!

3. I rough dry my hair completely with my amika blow dryer. I then curl my hair with my favorite babyliss 1.5 in curling iron. Sometimes i'll leave my ends out and create beachy waves by adding a little texture spray. Although most of the time, I just curl the entire strand and do loose CURLS. After I curl my entire head, I spray it with my kenra hair spray.

After 2 days I need to use some dry shampoo. My favorite is the batiste blonde dry shampoo which covers all of your blonde roots. If you're brunette, they do have a brunette option, which will add a little brown tint and freshen up not only your dirty roots, but your color as well.

THAT'S IT! So simple! Below are all of the products and styling tools I use! I hope you enjoyed reading and I hope this helps you with keeping your hair healthy and strong!! Click HERE to shop my floral robe.

Have a great day babes!

Always, Ally

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