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Dove Inn, Golden, CO

Who else loves stay-cations? My girl Laura and I spent last weekend at the Dove Inn which is located in the quaint town of Golden CO, which is only 45 min from Denver! After we checked in, we went to the Table Mountain Inn restaurant which was right on the main street of Golden for some tacos and margaritas. We then went back and got in our jammies to spend the night watching chick flicks on the Dove Inn guest Netflix account while sipping on our chamomile tea.

We had such an amazing time and we both were so impressed with the charm of the town and we will definitely be going back. I absolutely love how they have the hotel decorated and all of the amenities they offer. They have an adorable coffee bar with kombucha and tea. Below are a few pictures I took from the main house:


Seriously how gorgeous is this place?? I loved the vintage aspects and was really obsessed with this fireplace and how they placed the candles.

We stayed in the Carriage House. We were so impressed with our room and all of its charming aspects. The bathroom was so gorgeous and I loved the subway tile in the shower. I also loved the canopy bed. It was so pretty and classic. We felt so comfortable in our room and we both slept amazing in the cozy king bed. Below are pictures from our room:

All in all, we had such a great time staying at the Dove Inn. Use my code 'DOVESTAY' to get 15% off your stay. Have a great week!

Always, Ally

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