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Casual Valentines Day Outfit

Officially less than a month until Valentines Day!!!! I am allllll about being casual and cute at the same time so I am loving this outfit for V - Day! Whatever you might have planned for your date night, this outfit is perfect!! My fuzzy pink coat is sold out and i'm SO bummed about it but I found a very similar option for you all. I also wanted to share my favorite black heels with you. They are such a staple in my closet and can pretty much go with any outfit.

I also wanted to share these three girls with you all. I feel so lucky to have met them especially because we all have so much in common. We understand the blogger lifestyle and have so much to talk about. I love their hustle and of course, their blogs: Tiffaney, Laura, & Trish.


Fuzzy Pink Coat | White Jeans | Black Tank (Similar) | Black Block Heels | Leopard Crossbody

I absolutely love Valentine’s Day, and I always have. It’s a day full of romance, chocolate, and pink (and who doesn’t love pink;) I hope you all have the best day spent with your Valentine!

Always, Ally

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