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Date Night Ideas

Hi babes! I wanted to share a few date night ideas for you and your significant other!  My hubby and I try to find time to do a date night once a week.  If that means laying on the couch to watch a movie or going to a nice dinner, we try to find time to connect in between our crazy work schedules.  

1. (My FAVORITE date night) Movie Night at Home

My hubby and I are huge homebodies and we are also huge movie fans.  Our favorite date night is staying home, getting in our jammies and turning on a movie.  I make the popcorn while he gets the MnM's and we each get our drink of choice (red wine usually for me).  Most of the time we can agree on a movie.  I underlined most because sometimes I'm in the mood for a total chick flick when he would much rather watch an action movie haha.  This date night is an easy one to accomplish especially if you have kids or high maintenance dogs like in our case!  Put your babies to bed, and snuggle up together in the comfort of your own home.

2. Dinner Date

I know this one is a little cliche but its the most important date night in my opinion.  Getting dressed up and going to a fancy restaurant will feel romantic for both of you. Order a glass of wine and maybe even order that chocolate cake. Hey its date night, forget the diet ;) 

Because going to a fancy restaurant isn't realistic for every week, don't be afraid to go somewhere like Chipotle, Village Inn, Mad Greens etc.  Its more budget friendly and if you have money left over, check your local movie theater times and go see a movie.

3. Attend a sporting event or concert

I am not a huge sports fan but my husband is, as most husbands are ;) Even if you don't follow sports that much, games are so fun!  Nachos, beer, popcorn, hot dogs etc.  Its also fun to get into the city with your bestie.  Baseball games are my favorite sporting events because their during summer time so you can wear super cute outfits.  Cut off shorts, flannels, baseball caps, converse etc.  Baseball is also a really easy sport to keep up with. 

Concerts are another great event to go to for a date night.  Wether its your favorite singer or a little band in the park, its fun to listen to live music together!

4. Picnic

Pack a bag with some yummy snacks and drinks, then head over to the park.  This date is perfect if you have kids and cant find a babysitter.  Pack up the stroller with your babies and everything they need to stay occupied.  Head over right before the sun sets so its even more romantic and the weather will cool down in the afternoon.  Make a little charcutarie board and bring a bottle of wine. 

6. Comedy Show

I am OBSESSED with comedy shows!  What is better than laughing all night together?  Go to sushi and then go to your local comedy works!  Most comedians are super raunchy, so if that's not your thing, this date might not be for you.  

5. Seasonal


Hiking and Brunch:  The weather has finally warmed up so take advantage of it and enjoy a hike with your hubby. After that, go to your local breakfast restaurant and order some chocolate chip pancakes and a hot cup of coffee.


Mini Golf:  Mini golf can be a little underrated.  Put on a cute romper and go play a fun game of golf together.  To make it interesting, put a wager on it. 


Pumpkin Patch: Fall is my favorite season!  Embrace the weather and each pick out a pumpkin you want to carve.  After you take out all the seeds, make SALTY PUMPKIN SEEDS! Yum!  Such a good fall snack.


Ice Skating:  I am a horrible Ice Skater.  Like HORRIBLE.  I fall constantly but that's the fun part of it.  We laugh the entire time because Adam has to hold me up! Lol!

These were just a few dates that Adam and I love and dates that I am going to plan for us soon!  I hope you love them too!

Always, Ally