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Unico 20 87 Riviera Maya Review

Unico. Such an amazing resort!! My husbands family and I went to the Riviera Maya in Mexico and stayed at Unico 20 87 which is an all inclusive resort. We went for my in laws 25th wedding anniversary and we had such an amazing time! I thought I would share some pictures of the resort and give you guys an honest review.

Some pictures:

Flying into Mexico. 15 from the Cancun Airport

Chandeliers in the Unico Lobby! How gorgeous?

View right when you walk into the hotel

View from outside our room

View from outside our room


Bathtub inside my in laws suite

Seafood Spaghetti at Mi Carisa. SO GOOD!

Unico 2087 Buffett

Little Ice cream Truck for dessert. Too cute!

The famous Unico Bridge!

Bubble bath and room service

Party Pool!

Room service breakfast on our balcony

French toast and banana smoothie! So yummy!

Esencia, the hotels spa. We had amazing massages here

Chocolate chip pancakes and smoothies

Did you really go to Mexico without getting a Pina Colada?

Unico is about an hour away from the Cancun airport. The resort was so beautiful and so clean! We were welcomed when we first walked in with drinks that were called 'Jade' (Which were SO good!) The nice part about all inclusive is that you can order drinks or food any time you want. Perfect for foodies like me ;)

Our rooms were probably the best part of the hotel! I can't even begin to explain how amazing they were. They have it decorated so well and the beds were so comfortable. But the best part about the room? A BATH TUB ON THE BALCONY. I mean c'mon. It was amazing and so nice to take a bubble bath at night!

The staff was so friendly and accommodating. At one point during the trip, I woke up with horrible mosquito bites all over my legs and arms from the night before. We went to the hotel doctor and she gave me some Benadryl and anti itch cream. So moral of the story, BRING BUG SPRAY! Lol! That would be my main recommendation!

The food was really good. We ate at the Unico 2087 buffet for breakfast most mornings and ordered pool side lunch almost everyday. Both were really good except we always felt like we needed to add salt to everything! Is that just an American thing?! Lol. My favorite restaurant was their Italian restaurant, Mi Carisa. It was so delicious!!

Esencia is the resorts spa. We all got a 50 min 2 person massage. It was hands down the best massage I have ever had. Both massage therapists were so in sync that it almost felt like one person was massaging me. The spa was so clean and beautiful. An hour prior to the massage, we sat in the girls area for the pre massage relaxation. We sat in a vapor steam room, sauna, jet hot tub, and even had to dunk our bodies in a freezing cold bath. I have to admit that wasn't my favorite part but I did feel very relaxed!

Overall, we were so impressed with Unico 20 87! The hotel is amazing and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a hotel in the Rivera Maya! We had an incredible travel agent who booked everything for us and even set up a champagne bottle to be delivered to my in laws room on their anniversary! Her name is Katie and you can email her HERE or go to her website by clicking HERE and she can help you book your next trip!

Link to a vlog of the trip that my sister in law made:

Always, Ally

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