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My Favorite Fall Bath and Body Works Scents

Bath and Body Works ... My favorite store ever!!  But really, I shop at Bath and Body Works all year long.  I get my candles, wallflowers, and lotions there!  I thought it would be fun to share my favorite fall scents with you all!  Fall is my favorite season ever!! Give me everything pumpkin! Lol!  Let’s get started!


Leaves. My favorite fall scent hands down!  It smells like apple, cinnamon, and happiness! It just makes me feel so cozy and warm that I even burn it during winter!  I like the wood style packaging of this candle too.

Sweater weather smells manly but cozy at the same time.  I love it in wallflowers and candles!

A new favorite of mine that I only discovered this year, is Black Cherry Merlot!  I love this scent for candles and wallflowers.  It smells sweet and I love all cherry flavors/scents.  This candle is so pretty too.  I love the white barn packaging so much!

Another favorite is marshmallow fireside.  Funny story behind marshmallow fireside is that my mother in law used to put it in her basement and when my husband and I were in high school, we would hang out in the basement and it would always smell like marshmallow fireside!  So it just brings back good memories of when my husband and I were first dating and now it is his favorite scent! Lol!

Anyone else put Bath and Body Works wallflowers in their home?  I love to have a constant room freshener without even being home.  Coming home from work to a house that smells like fall is so comforting.  They last me about a month and then I go get 5 more. 

Let me know if this was fun for you guys to read through.  Bath and Body Works is an awesome store and I love sharing my favorite things with you all.

Always, Ally

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