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Vegas Round Up


Viva Las Vegas! Last week, my husbands family, my husband and I went to Vegas for my 21st birthday celebration! It was so much fun! I've been to Vegas before, but only for a gymnastics competition when I was younger, so this was my first official Vegas vacay! We flew Southwest both directions. Our flight to Vegas was SO much fun! Our flight attendant gave Adam, Karlee (Adams sister) and I 3 drinks. Needless to say, all three of us were pretty drunk walking off the plane haha.

We stayed at Treasure Island for 3 nights and the rooms were really nice! The hotel pool had cabanas that we rented our first day there. We tanned, sat in the hot tub, and ordered pina coladas. Below is the bathing suit I wore with the cutest pom pom fedora ever! ( I also needed this passion fruit lemonade from Starbucks to rehydrate from that flight the night before)

We then got ready and walked the strip. I wore this ADORABLE lace romper that I will be wearing non stop this summer. Also how cute is my hubby?

Next we got some dinner at Guy Fieri's. Those fries..? YUM!! We went to that restaurant twice during 2 days, so out of all the resteraunts, this was by far my favorite and would recommend it to anyone. We got breakfast here the next morning, and this Bloody Mary was a meal in itself! It was amazing!

That night, we went to the Venetian and played black jack. Let me just start off by saying I'm not a big gambler. But we played black jack for about an hour and it was so much fun! I lost $10 but it was worth it. Our last day, we rode NY NY. I LOVE roller coasters and this was such a fun ride! If you like adrenaline, and you're in Vegas, you seriously need to ride this! We then went shopping and I bought my second designer item! My first was my Tory Burch millers, but I rounded up all of my birthday money and bought myself the Gucci belt!!! I'm so excited! I got the thick black double G belt in size 85. Thankfully mine was the last in that size! I think its good to reward yourself once in a while. I've been working like crazy and have been so busy. Stay tuned for a blog post soon about how to style the belt!

Anyways, this was a quick little run down of our Vegas Vacation. Below I put my recommendations and some more pictures!

Best restaurant:

Guy Fieri's Vegas Kitchen

Best Shopping:

Ceasers Forum Shops

My favorite drink leaving Vegas:


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