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Welcome To My Blog!


Thank you so much for stopping by! I have decided to create this blog as a way for me to inspire other women with fashion tips, recipes, travel, etc. I have always loved everything girly and have wanted to share my love for fashion with the world.

My life right now consists of working as a hairstylist in the Metro Denver area of Colorado. I was born and raised here in Colorado and could not imagine living anywhere else. Except maybe my favorite place on earth, New York City ;) although i could not bear to be away from my family and my husband hates big cities haha. My family is the most important thing to me. I talk to both my parents probably twice a day. I have three younger brothers who are my best friends. Adam and I have 2 dogs, Kai and Jet. On my days off, you can find me with my family, shopping or taking outfit pictures for my instagram and now for my blog!!! I cant believe I just said that. I am so excited to have created this as something I can pour myself into. I love finding great pieces for an affordable price. But being on a budget doesn't mean you have to settle for a shirt that will only last you one wash. That's why I am here! My goal is to share with you sales and ways to style outfits. My favorite places to shop include Nordstrom Rack, H&M, Forever 21, Target, Old Navy, Marshalls. I also LOVE to cook, so I will be sharing some of my favorite recipes with you guys. My husband and I also have some fun trips coming up so I will be sharing some vacation round ups. This was just a quick little intro to my blog and I hope you guys enjoy it! If you have any questions, you can check out my contact tab above to get my email, otherwise you can always DM me on instagram (allydeaver). Hope you all have an amazing day!

Always, Ally

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